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Double bass / Bass guitar / Music Theory and Harmony lessons


Have you ever thought that bass is the coolest musical instrument in the world - it has the best sound you've ever heard in your life and it is the reason you want to play music?! Probably right now you are even looking for some guidance on how to make the learning process faster and easier to become the best you can be on the instrument. Maksim is here to help you! 

You will learn how to:


- Hold and tune the instrument correctly (double bass or electric bass),

- Produce a good sound by using different left and right hand techniques,

- Play your favorite songs from recordings,

- Build bass lines and grooves in different styles,

- Improvise over Jazz standards or more sophisticated chord progressions,

- Read music.


As well as, learn:


- Music theory,

- Harmony,

- Rhythm,

- Ear training.

For more details about the lessons and prices contact via email: or mobile phone: + 1 (646) 209 8505 (US)

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